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Other Products

jewellery Jewellery and Opals
The Gallery displays a large variety of Aboriginal hand-painted necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery. An impressive collection of black, crystal and matrix opals originated from Alanrise, Cooberpedy and other inland opal-mining centres. You can select your own loose opal stones and pendants from Boulder opal, mainly dug from the Queensland opal mines at Yowah, Koroit and Opalville.

hatsOilskins, Jackets and Hats
Traditional oilskin jackets and leather bush hats for the harsh environment of the Australian outback.




Large selection of t-shirts and lycra, hand dyed, tie dyed and printed that are Australian made and feature licenced Australian designs.


The gallery offers a wide range of other distinctively Australian products:

  • Canvas paintings, boomerangs, emu callers and eggs, pottery, wooden carvings
  • Crocodile and kangaroo leather accessories (belts, wallets, necklaces, bracelets, bags, etc)
  • Australian made toys
  • Sheepskin footware (slippers and Uggs)
  • Ties, scarves, nappery, novelties and gifts


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