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Audrey Calma

Audrey Calma Audrey CALMA comes from Melville Island,home to the Aboriginal people,the Tiwi, which is Australia’s second largest island after Tasmania and, across Clarence Strait, only 80 kilometres north of Darwin.
In her painting ‘Bush Tucker Dreaming’ depicts a Tiwi women’s Dreaming Story about ‘Bush Tucker’. It shows the different foods they go out to gather, and the circles around each of the foods indicate the amount of ground they have to search to find all of the goods.
The aboriginal women are the gatherers of the Tribe, the men are the Hunters. So, the women only gather such things as Witchetty/Witjuti Grubs, (in the centre) tasty grubs which are like borers and found in live wood in stems, trunks and roots of certain wattles.

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