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Josepha Petrick Kemarre

Josepha Petrick Kemarre Josepha Petrick Kemarre (born ca. 1945 or ca. 1953, date uncertain) at the Santa Teresa Mission near Alice Spring in Australia’s Northern Territory. She is an Anmatyerre-speaking Indigenous Australian artist from Central Australia. Since first taking up painting around 1990, her works of contemporary Indigenous Australian art have been acquired by several major collections including Art bank and the National Gallery of Victoria. Her paintings portray bush plum ``dreaming`` and women’s ceremonies (known as Awelye). Josepha Petrick's works are strongly colored and formalist in composition and regularly appear at commercial art auctions in Australia. Her art appears to have survived the huge contraction of the primary art market in Australia since 2008. After marrying Robin Petyarre, brother of artist Gloria Petyarre, Josepha Petrick moved to the region of Utopia, north-east of Alice Springs, which is where she was living when she began painting around 1990. They had seven children, one of whom, Damien Petrick, went on to become an artist like his mother. By 2008, Josie Petrick's husband had died, and Petrick was dividing her time between Alice Springs and Harts Range, to its north-east. Central Australian artists frequently paint “dreaming”, or stories, for which they have responsibility or rights. These stories are used to pass ``important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems`` from generation to generation. Josepha’s paintings portray two different groups of dreaming, rendered in two distinct styles. Bush plum dreaming represents a plant of the central Australian desert which is ``a source of physical and spiritual sustenance, reminding the local Indigenous people of the sacredness of their country``. She also paints women’s ceremonies (Awelye) and dreaming, which are created using rows of coloured dots which representations women's ceremonial iconography.

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