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Sarrita King

Sarrita King DOB: 5th March 1988
BORN: Adelaide,South Australia
COMMUNITY: Katherine, NT
Sarrita King was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1988 and grew up in Darwin in the Northern Territory. She is the younger sister to fellow artist, Tarisse King and daughter to the late highly regarded artist, William King Jungala (1966 – 2007). Sarrita and Tarisse are second-generation painters whose inspiration and encouragement to paint came from their father. Sarrita and Tarisse have created brilliant works that add their own personal feelings and ideas stemming from their father’s teachings.
Sarrita’s father, William King, was an accomplished artist from the Gurindji tribe located near Katherine in the Northern Territory. Most of his family still live in the Nobrthern Territory, specifically in Katherine.
Sarrita spent most of her youth in Darwin, where her mother still resides. It is here that her connection to her Aboriginality and subsequently the connection to her land was able to grow. Her exposure to the elements and the extreme landscape has provided the thematic for her works of art since she began painting at age 16. Rolling sand hills, lightning, thunderstorms, torrential rain, fire, desert and tangled bush are all scathing environmental factors that shaped her fore father’s lives, and also her own. Depicting these elements in her paintings, Sarrita provides a visual articulation of the earth’s language.
Stylistically, Sarrita utilises traditional Aboriginal techniques such as ‘dotting’ but also incorporates unorthodox techniques taught to her by her father as well as self-developed practices. Her art is a fusion of past, present and future and represents the next generation of artists who have been influenced by both their indigenous history and current Western upbringing.
Sarrita now spends most of her time is her father’s studio working on her art. Sarrita’s inspiration for her art is the amazing environment in which she grew up in within the Northern Territory. Sarrita also reflects on much of her experiences with family members, especially her father who taught her about her Aboriginal heritage, culture and the connection to our world in general. Sarrita’s father William King passed away on December 2nd, 2007, but his memory and incredible talent lives on and continues through his daughter’s art.Major Exhibitions
• 2014, Aug – Sarrita & Tarisse King Japingka Gallery, Freemantle
• 2014, April – The King Sisters: Pop Art Red Desert Dreamings, Melbourne
• 2013, June – Major Auction Castor Hara, Paris
• 2013, Mar – Art Hong Kong Hong Kong
• 2013, Feb – The King Sisters Japingka Gallery, Freemantle
• 2012, Nov – Country of Kings Red Desert Dreamings, Melbourne
• 2012, Nov – Art Expo Singapore
• 2012, Oct – Collaboration Gallery 577, Melbourne
• 2012, Aug – Aboriginal Art Butler Goode Gallery, Sydney
• 2012, March – Contemporary Art Art Curial, Paris
• 2011, Nov – Language of the Earth Japingka, Freemantle, WA
• 2011, Oct – Contemporary Art (Art Curial, France)
• 2011, Feb – Connections, First Solo Exhibition (Gallery 577, Melbourne)
• 2010, Nov – Contemporary Auction (Art Curial, France)
• 2010, – Rising Stars, Tarisse & Sarrita King (Aboriginal Art Galleries, Sydney)
• 2010, Aug – The King Sisters (Mason Art Gallery)
• 2010, – First Artist in Residence (Newington College, Sydney)
• 2010, – In Our Father’s Eyes: (Aboriginal Dreamtime Gallery, LA)
• 2010, Jul – Contemporary Auction (Art Curial, France)
• 2010, April – Fire & Lightning (Central Art, Alice Springs)
• 2010, Feb – The King Sisters (Red Dessert Dreaming Gallery, Mel)
• 2009, Nov – Art Curial auction and exhibition (Art Curial, France)
• 2009, Sep – William, Tarisse & Sarrita King, (Aboriginal Art Galleries, Sydney)
• 2009, Nov – Kaminabend mit Tarisse & Sarrita (Brit’s Art, bach-Palenberg, Germany)
• 2009 – The King Sisters (Blue Gum Gallery, QVB, Syd)
• 2009 – The 3 Kings (Bennelong Gallery, Syd)

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